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23 xoxo

manson loves u [02 Apr 2003|10:35am]
[ mood | devious ]

\\ for me //
[for rick]

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\\ <a href="http://www.thislife.net/cgi-bin/journals/rankem.cgi?action=in&id=gwencore">for me</a> //
[<a href="http://www.kingsofchaos.com/page.php?id=301746">for rick</a>]

<img src="http://mediaservice.photoisland.com/auction/Apr/2003427975709399821674.jpg">

<font color=ff00ff>F</font><font color=ff00cc>R</font><font color=ff0099>I</font><font color=ff0066>E</font><font color=ff0033>N</font><font color=ff0000>D</font><font color=ff3300>S</font> <font color=ff6600>O</font><font color=ff9900>N</font><font color=ffcc00>L</font><font color=ffff00>Y</font><font color=ccff00>!</font><font color=99ff00>!</font><font color=66ff00>!</font><font color=33ff00>!</font><font color=00ff00>!</font><font color=00ff33>!</font><font color=00ff66>!</font><font color=00ff99>!</font><font color=00ffcc>!</font><font color=00ffff>!</font><font color=00ccff>!</font><font color=0099ff>!</font><font color=0066ff>!</font><font color=0033ff>!</font><font color=0000ff>!</font><font color=3300ff>!</font><font color=6600ff>!</font><font color=9900ff>!</font><font color=cc00ff>!</font><font color=9900ff>!</font><font color=6600ff>!</font><font color=3300ff>!</font><font color=0000ff>!</font><font color=0033ff>!</font><font color=0066ff>!</font><font color=0099ff>!</font><font color=00ccff>!</font><font color=00ffff>!</font><font color=00ffcc>!</font><font color=00ff99>!</font><font color=00ff66>!</font><font color=00ff33>!</font><font color=00ff00>!</font><font color=33ff00>!</font><font color=66ff00>!</font><font color=99ff00>!</font><font color=ccff00>!</font><font color=ffff00>!</font><font color=ffcc00>!</font>

u know the drill.


123 xoxo

rawr [17 Oct 2002|10:56pm]
[ mood | eh ]

this entry is for ppl not currently on my friends list


if u wanna be added to my friends list.. which will gain u the authorization to read my journal.. then please comment here.

1) if u add me, i will def add u back asap
2) if u take me off yer friends list, u will be removed off mine

i like to keep things even... mmm yes.

<3 gwen

p.s.--> I'M NOT MOTHER FUCKEN EMO! i don't listen to that shyt (no offense to those who do) and i donnot partake in the lifestyle to which i write sappy love songs about how my current bf who i thought loved me, broke my heart, every other goddam week. so, please refrain from calling me "emo". euck.

35 xoxo

um.. yes. [09 Feb 2002|04:59pm]
[ mood | busy ]

like said below, friends only journal.

if u wanna be added, just make a comment and i will add u.

if u need a code to make a journal go to codesharing and ask for one.

and please no one comment in here or email me and ask for html/codes to make yer journal pritty. not to be a bitch or anything and i don't mind helping ppl out, but i just get too many emails and comments about it and it's getting overbearing. if u search enof, there r communities where ppl love to help anyone out. sorry but.. yeah.

thankies and i *heart* u all. well, most of u. lol. i love u rick park! awws... sick ain't it? :P

<3 gwen

114 xoxo

yuppers... [04 Feb 2002|07:43pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

after careful thought and a long time of pondering... i have decided to make my journal friends only. y? b/c there r certain ppl that i don't want knowing jack shyt about the slightest detail going on in my life. *cough* x-bf.. *cough*. there r a few others also but i won't mention any names.

i know that u, beb, don't have a lj account and i am sooo sorry. but if u want, i can get u a code and u can sign up to lj to read my journal and whatnot. if anyone wants to do that, that's kool w/ me. just email me or leave a comment in here.

if anyone new would like to read my journal, awesome. just add me to yer friends list and i will def add ya back. thankies.

i just don't want to give ppl like my asshole x, the benefit to read up on my life and all. that's half the reason y i dumped the old journal. but i'm sure the cockhole will find his way here. but whatever. it's friends only now. so dom, kiss my mother fuckin white ass in yer dreams. cuz yer never gunna see it, or any other part of me again. go get a piece of ass from yer new hOmiE G gf that yer so called "best friend" went out w/. aww. what a GREAT friend u r! and here's a lil FUCK YOU!!! just fer yer overly conceited (when u have NADA to be conceited about), pig-headed, controlling ass! good day.

um.. yeah. i think that's all. heh. i'm out.


<3 gwen

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